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MINDSET SYNERGY - Clinical Hypnotherapy

Applying positive suggestive hypnosis and/or teaching people self-hypnosis in order to access their subconscious and make lasting changes. This is done by undertaking a set of exercises that allow the mind to wind down to a calm level at which point positive suggestions are proposed. The exercises and suggestions are recorded and given to the client so they can be used on a daily basis for several weeks as a potent force for change.


The synergy arising from the combination of appropriate linguistics, thought patterns, imagery, behaviour and body language, which when put together both consciously and through hypnosis brings about a desired change. It is an approach increasingly adopted in business development and sports training, as well as for general personal growth.


The aim is to identify and understand problems through the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour and to then set strategies and goals that carry through to a resolution. Homework tasks that support the focus arising out of each session are invariably set for the client to undertake during their time away from therapy in order to compliment and speed up progress towards the desired goals.


Excellent for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias and general trauma. Dream research has identified a link between Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and neural brain activity. Dreaming allows us to reprocess our feelings and responses to previous experiences. Undertaking REM when awake, while simultaneously accessing uncomfortable memories in a structured therapeutic way, allows us to adopt appropriate new outlooks and reactions to prior problems.

MINDSET SYNERGY - Health or Lifestyle Coaching

A blend of practical advice and approaches that work toward a solution for many day-to-day concerns, ranging from improving lifestyle to overcoming personal hurdles arising out of finances, work-related constraints or common setbacks. It also involves using the power of the mind to supplement or support health issues, often in conjunction with orthodox medicine. Positive Visualisation, NLP and Hypnotherapy have been demonstrated to promote healing, help with childbirth and address pain management.

MINDSET SYNERGY - Motivation Training

Identifying negative patterns that have previously held you back and also identifying potential opportunities available. From here the focus is on rectifying those patterns and accessing those opportunities through techniques such as stress management, time management and working on personal goals. Particular attention is paid to the correct approach to goal setting and attainment.

MINDSET SYNERGY - Clinical Psychotherapy

Evaluating experiences, emotions and behavioural patterns by discussing and exploring existing and past feelings, beliefs and thoughts.

MINDSET SYNERGY - Stress Management

This is not about stress-free living. Stress is an inevitable and indeed welcome part of our lives. Too much and we can obviously crash down but too little will dissolve energy and drive thus leading to physical and emotional inertia. Stress at the right level is essential to our wellbeing, creating motivation and interest. The emphasis here is teaching life management skills and stress control so you can cope with your demands and effectively accomplish them.

MINDSET SYNERGY - Performance Training and Mindset Coaching

Effective techniques to maximise work, sport or educational performance. This is a blend of Health and Lifestyle Coaching, NLP, Motivation Training and Stress Management. Specific importance is placed on goal setting.

MINDSET SYNERGY - Personal Development Programmes

Similar in many respects to Health or Lifestyle Coaching but with more of an emphasis on advancing existing capabilities to a higher level. This is done by looking inside ourselves and acknowledging our existing resources and promoting those that are latent within us. Once a solid competent inner nucleus has been created, this foundation is then built upon by adding new resources through Positive Visualisation, NLP and Hypnotherapy. These programmes are either 'stand-alone' or done in conjunction with associated relevant activities and pursuits, either in the UK or overseas.

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