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Stop Smoking in London in a single 1 hour session with the effective NSSC approach. Call 020 7175 7788 or email me now to see how easily it can work for you.

Are you fed up with smoking or want to protect your health? Then take up my highly successful Stop Smoking programme in London, Central London and North Finchley, London through the Mindset Synergy NSCI Smoking Cessation Clinic. Save on the cost of treatment within a few weeks. Come and see me and I will support you to stop smoking within 1 hour - 90 minutes. If you really want to quit, call me on 020 7175 7788 to STOP! 



I am part of National Stop Smoking Centres (NSSC) - UK's pioneering and leading smoking cessation centre, which has been conducting research for the past 30 years into the most effective methods of stopping smoking. What the NSSC doesn't know about stopping smoking isn't worthing knowing! Visit their website National Stop Smoking Centres to see for yourself. If you really want to become a non-smoker with all the amazing benefits it brings, you are almost there. I suggest over the coming days you start by watching each one of the NSCI's 6 FREE video support tutorials in the exact order they are presented. Then come and see me to complete the process and permanently realise your ambition of being a non-smoker and staying that way.

Most smokers like you want to be free of cigarettes and the cravings attached to this habit. Some people say they take pleasure in smoking and the assumed benefits they associate with it – ie it relaxes me; it's part and parcel of enjoying a drink; it helps me to concentrate.

These, however, are learnt associations. You weren't born with them but when you first started smoking you learned to make these connections. Yet they are only as real as you have allowed them to be in your mind. If they truly were an inherent 'given' then all non-smokers would feel they were leading a diminished life, because they'd say their enjoyment would be less than that of a smoker. Since non-smokers do NOT feel this way, you can appreciate that smokers such as you have learnt false associations. Therefore because they are false, they can be discarded and you can return to the true associations you had back when you were a non-smoker.

As an ex-smoker myself, I can verify this fact and I feel no loss of pleasure over the past 28 years as a non-smoker. In fact quite the opposite, I now experience more enjoyment being free from the slavery and illogical thinking I previously had.

If you would like to stop smoking in London with Robert Russell at Mindset Synergy, I will provide you with the route to becoming a non-smoker which is easier than you can imagine. In fact the term giving-up is totally unhelpful as it suggests you are foregoing a benefit. Your outlook when becoming a non-smoker is vitally important. You are not giving up anything. You are gaining everything! Health, vitality, money, freedom, the more likely ability to spend increased years with your family and so much more besides.

The Robert Russell Mindset Synergy 1:1 NSSC Stop Smoking and Smoking Cessation Course in London, Central London W1 and Hornsey, North London N8 is usually done in one session. It involves learning how to create the appropriate mindset, motivation techniques, lifestyle suggestions and the power of hypnotherapy. Success rates are incredibly good. Why don't you join the hundreds of people who have previously come along and are now enjoying life as a non-smoker?

Low Cost Booster Sessions – The hardest part of stopping smoking is the first month. If you can remain a non-smoker for 28 days, you have tamed your cravings. In order to support you to achieve success, I am happy to offer you low cost booster sessions for only £50 each within 28 days of first coming to see me to help keep you on track.

How can I become a non-smoker?

You know how hard it can be to take that first step on the road to self-improvement. Yet invariably it is the thought of the effort of change that is harder than change itself. In fact how often do you say after finally taking the leap, "Why didn't I do that sooner?" It goes to show that your mind creates barriers to moving forward, not so much because it is difficult but because you fear the unknown, even if it transpires to be a better place!

So if you find yourself standing hesitantly at the brink of moving away from the constraints of your past, ask yourself this. Change might seem daunting and an effort, but how much more of an effort and daunting will it be to spend yet another year locked within your problem, or perhaps even several years?

The solution is within your grasp. Take the leap towards resolution and contact me via Email or call 020 7175 7788 to move forward. I'm here to support and work with you every step of the way.
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