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Life is about performance. Every thought and act requires you to perform at some level, whether it be brushing your teeth or running a 100 metre sprint. Luckily most of your day-to-day actions are inherent within you or have been so deeply ingrained at an early age that they require very little effort to be undertaken successfully or adequately.

Some things however require focus, practice, attention to detail and the appropriate mindset to master competently. Of course invariably you will need the correct set of skills and abilities to perform at the right level but it is increasingly appreciated that your mental application and beliefs determine so much of what you achieve. In fact many who perform at the highest echelons of their field now appreciate it is down to 10% ability and 90% attitude.

The main areas of performance dealt with at Mindset Synergy are:
  • Sport Psychology
  • Business and Corporate Training
  • Education and Exam Success
Where relevant this will involve: Application and Discipline; Appropriate Mindset – ie beingIn-the-Zone; Confidence and Self-Belief; Goal Setting; Motivation; NLP; Positive Affirmations; Positive Visualisation; Stress Control; Teamwork and Team Bonding and last but certainly not least the Will-to-Win.

Sports Performance or Sport Psychology, Sport Motivation and Goal Setting

This is undertaken either on a 1:1 basis or, where relevant, within the framework of an entire team. Individuals and groups are taught a number of techniques and trained and inspired to use these regularly. What is important to understand here is that we cannot guarantee winning on every occasion but we can ensure you are the best you can possibly be! This can often give you the winning edge since so many sports individuals do not consistently perform at their optimum level. Teams are coached both as individual players and within the context of the entire team. This allows them to gel as a highly effective cohesive unit. An increasing number of sports men and women are now accessing and utilising sport psychology to the point that if you don't use this powerful tool you are putting yourself at a considerable disadvantage. Mindset Synergy is here to help you get back on track and onto the winner's podium.

Business and Corporate Training and Performance, Business Motivation and Goal Setting

The primary purpose of most businesses is to make money, which means all resources within the organisation should be functioning at an optimal level. Staff are one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, resources a company can have. Therefore it is vitally important you ensure each and every member of the firm is supported to the extent that fully allows the business to get the most from them and what they have to offer. This in turn will make your company as profitable as possible. It is not about cynically exploiting people but ensuring they are functioning as best they can. This allows corporations to maximise the benefit employees lend to your organisation and in return the benefits each member of staff subsequently receive from your company.

Thus it can be seen that optimising people's resource levels works both ways. It supports your company profits and stability as well as allowing for increased levels of staff satisfaction and remuneration due to their improved performance. Once this synergy gels it has a knock on effect where the more confident and capable the employee feels the team member!
Mindset Synergy provides training personal and business development approaches, along with personal and business performance techniques, both to your individual staff members and to teams within your company, whether that be a department or the whole organisation. Programmes include effective presentation skills, motivation, goal setting, sales performance, team building and team bonding in order create a collective and cohesive efficacy.

Courses can be bespoke and tailored to an individual's or your corporation's requirements. They are conducted in numerous ways at any of the following venues:
  1. Mindset Synergy's premises
  2. A client company's premises
  3. A suitable external location - eg Conference Centre or Hotel
As well as being undertaken in this country, we also put together overseas courses, often with a suitable supportive activity – eg scuba diving, white water rafting, hiking and adventure programmes. Please contact us to discuss the available options.

We are also available to offer in-house Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP's) for staff members of organisations through our affiliate Training Company – TAG Corporate. EAP's give your staff access to all the programmes mentioned on this web site, allowing them to overcome work-related or personal issues that limit performance. Companies with effective EAP's in place have demonstrated marked improvement in productivity and staff absenteeism. Please contact Robert Russell for further information on the type of programmes available to benefit your company and its workforce.

Education, Study and Exam Performance

The power of the mind can greatly improve our academic performance, just as it can also limit our success. Come along to Mindset Synergy where we will teach you powerful techniques that support the following:
  • Exam Nerves and Stress
  • Enhancing Learning Ability
  • Retaining Learnt Material
  • Increasing Study Application
If you, or your children, struggle with some aspect of learning, a few specific exercises can reap dividends in the academic arena. Why not discover how improvements can be made to help in this area.
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