While Robert's 20 years' within the sphere of personal development has allowed him to become very experienced in supporting you with a very wide range of conditions and personal goals, he has also enjoyed specialising in the following fields.
Robert has enjoyed excellent success rates in helping people like you to become a non-smoker in 1 session. For further details see the We help with... Stop Smoking tab on this website. Pun not intended for those of you familiar with smoking terminology!
The Hypnodieting lose weight and weight loss programme is an incredibly powerful approach to get you to lose and manage your weight for life. For further details on this realistic 6-session programme see the We help with... Lose Weight & Weight Loss tab on this website.
Eating Disorders are an extremely specialist area in therapy and it is vital that the therapists offering support are fully experienced and trained in this otherwise more harm than good can be done. Robert has seen clients with eating disorders for over 20 years and benefitted from on-going training in this area throughout that time. He also trains other therapists in the interventions and protocols that provide the best treatment. For more information on how Robert can help you put eating disorders behind you see the We help with... Eating Disorders tab on this website.
Robert was one of the first people in UK to be trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) directly by Francine Shapiro, the originator of this highly effective therapy, which has demonstrated proven gains for trauma, phobias and many other emotional roadblocks. Robert has enjoyed many articles being written on his work and has been featured on several TV programme surrounding his success with trauma clients. For EMDR in London, Central London and North Finchley, London to help totally free you from any debilitating trauma or PTSD you may have, please call Robert Russell at Mindset Synergy on 020 7175 7788 now.
Stress occurs when you have insufficient resources to cope with your demands. Through working with me you will learn to build your inner resources and generate the correct outlook, which will allow you effectively manage and eliminate stress. For further details on stress management see the We help with... Stress, Phobias, Trauma & more tab on this website.
Whether you suffer from the limitations of low confidence or with poor self-esteem, help is at hand to lift you away from these destructive negative feelings and beliefs and create within you a sense of empowerment so you can comfortably face the world and go about your daily life free from the old emotional shackles that have held you back in the past. Call me and let's banish those restrictions forever.
Over the years Robert has helped hundred of people completely overcome their fears. From the limitation due to your anxiety, though to the debilitation caused by your panic attacks and even the complete constraints and paralysis that can result from your phobias, I have a solution waiting for you. You don't have to live with this any longer. Contact me and we will start the process of putting this behind you for good.
I am absolutely blown away by the power of the mind. I have have helped so many sports people perform at the peak of their game. If you are a professional sports person, a dedicated amateur or simply an enthusiastic individual, there is so much more I can bring to your game, which will generate your ability to lift you to the very best you can be on any given day. I've supported people in the Olympics and also those on an international and national level. Every single one has raised their performance dramatically. For both individuals and teams, if you want to share some highly empowering approaches, get in touch with me imediately. You can also discover more on your mind's ability to support you through to success by going to the We help with... Sport, Business & School Performance tab on or my GoalAchiever App.
I've been employed by several companies, both on long term contracts and per project, to increase the performance and effectiveness of staff members right across the board from senior management to general employees. The benefit that every type of business performance training brings is enormous both for your company and the individuals concerned. The scope of the various projects that can be undertaken for your organisation is endless and everything can be packaged in a bespoke way to exactly suits your needs. Typical strategies I can bring to improve and enhance your business include effective presentation skills, motivation, goal setting, sales performance, team building and team bonding. For further information go to We help with... Sport, Business & School Performance tab on this website and feel free to contact me via Email or on 020 7175 7788 to discuss how I can enhance the value and efficacy of your company.
Goals are not limited solely to sports people and businesses, although they are incredibly important in those two arenas. Anyone can have goals and they can be set to acheive any number of things. Typically these can be losing weight, exam success, job promotion, saving to go on a special holiday, buying a house or car of your dreams, as well as the numerous sporting and business goals to which people aspire. However every single realistic goal, even those which seem like a huge 'ask', can become totally accessible to you if they are approached in the right way. I've gained a lot of experience researching and teaching the art of effective goal setting and written a book about it called If you think you can... YOU CAN! which has also been made into the iPhone and Android app AchieveANYGoal. What I don't know about goal setting isn't worth knowing!! If you've got a goal that you want to realise, contact me via Email or on 020 7175 7788 and I'll put together a programme that will take you towards achieving it. Also feel free to purchase my book or app and go on the Support Forum for If you think you can... YOU CAN! and also GoalAchieverto get help and advice.
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Learn how to break free from your concerns and limitations: Simply call Robert at Mindset Synergy regarding Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, EMDR and Life Coaching in Central London W1 and North London N8 or for Mindset Coaching to enhance Business and Sport Performance, on 020 7175 7788 for a FREE no-obligation chat on how you can open your life to a more empowered and brighter future